Day #7 I can't believe its been almost 10 years since I started doing mammography. I know it may sound weird to some but I really love what I do. I think you have to when it comes to this profession. My patients are very important to me & I strive everyday to do the best job possible to ensure that if they do get bad news that they are treated with respect, compassion, & understanding. Even though I rank right up there with gynecologists & dentists, overall my patients appreciate what I do. My biggest challenge is that within 5-10 minutes I have to earn a person's trust and make a very uncomfortable experience worth coming back for. Early detection is truly what is most important when it comes to breast cancer. With all the many advances in treatment options, this disease is survivable.
This beaded pink ribbon wall hanging was made by one of our breast cancer survivors. She is a remarkable lady with an amazing attitude.

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