Day 242 Tuesday May 29, 2012

Stormy night! Hail was probably around ping pong ball size at it's largest.

Day 241 Monday May 28, 2012

My mom & dad bought a paddle boat today for us to use on their ponds. We all love going fishing & swimming in the summer so what more perfect way to do that than with a little boat. We laughed all day though about the weight limit trying to figure out if the 5 person seating would hold us 5?!?! Don't think it's going to work hahaha! Us girls sure had fun on it this afternoon!

Day 240 Sunday May 27, 2012

It's daddy daughter day at the Rangers game! I have to take Makaylie to Falls Creek for junior camp so Chey & Tay are heading to Texas for the game.

Day 239 Saturday May 26, 2012

Love spending some quality time with my family

Day 238 Friday May 25, 2012

A little fun at the ball field ;)

Day 237 Thursday May 24, 2012

So proud of my basketball girls! Look at all their awards from basketball camp this week!

Day 236 Wednesday May 23, 2012

We love American Idol & we love Phillip Phillips!


Day 235 Tuesday May 22, 2012

Taygan working on her catching skills

Day 234 Monday May 21, 2012

As if I didn't own enough Panther shirts, oh well this one is super cute!

Day 233 Sunday May 20, 2012

And this is what we do after a rainy morning...
Little sister with mud in her hands, good time to bolt!!

Day 232 Saturday May 19, 2012

Grady County All Star game at Verden, so glad all our seniors got to participate, they definitely deserved it.
Much needed pedicure for me & Makaylie!

Day 231 Friday May 18, 2012

Taygan is at a friend's house so I'm getting some q.t. with my Mackie.

Day 230 Thursday May 17, 2012

Riot doing their victory chant!


Day 229 Wednesday May 16, 2012

Start of our new driveway yay!!

Day 228 Tuesday May 15, 2012

Today was end of the year awards assembly at school. Taygan received 2 awards she was very excited & proud of. Her teacher gave her, Isaac, & Blake the citizenship award. It's so nice to hear your child is helpful & kind to their classmates & teachers. She also received the presidential fitness award. None of the boys in her class received it & there weren't a ton of kids that received it overall. So proud of my baby girl!!

To brag on my other baby girl, Makaylie hit a home run tonight!! I unfortunately didn't snap a pic but we are happy for her all the same!!


Day 227 Monday May 14, 2012

Great evening for a little practice


Day 226 Sunday May 13, 2012

This is what makes my Mother's day near perfection! Only thing missing is my momma!

Day 225 Saturday May 12, 2012

What a fun muddy kind of day!! As you can see we are a little crazy & a lot dirty! This was a 5k obstacle course, something I've never done before. It was a lot of fun, can't wait to do it again!


Day 224 Friday May 11, 2012

All uniformed up & no ball game to go to...rained out until tomorrow.


Day 223 Thursday May 10, 2012

Riot girls kickin' butt again tonight...

Day 222 Wednesday May 9, 2012

All year the girls have been working hard on getting enough AR points to get to do all the fun activities the school has planned. I'm so excited & proud for them for reaching their goals. Today they got to go to the OKC Redhawks game as a reward!

Day 221 Tuesday May 8, 2012

Our athletic banquet was held tonight to honor our kid's accomplishments this year. It was a bit of a bittersweet night, saying bye to our seniors & looking forward to what our underclassmen will do in the future. This is such an awesome school & community we are very proud to be a part of.

Day 220 Monday, May 7, 2012

Just another night of softball practice...oops forgot a picture!


Day 219 Sunday May 6, 2012

My sweet girl loves her daddy...

Day 218 Saturday May 5, 2012

Even though the scoreboard didn't reflect the heart & effort of these guys, we know just being here was a win. So proud of this group of young men & my amazing husband. The relentless hours of hard work & dedication proved you should be here. You will always be the best in my eyes & in the hearts of this community.

Day 217 Friday May 4, 2012

And we are on to the finals!!! That score is hard to read sorry its 14-6!!

This is so very exciting for everyone. It's the first time in school history a team has been to the state finals! So proud of this team!

Day 216 Thursday May 3, 2012

First round state tournament goes to our Panthers!!

Day 215 Wednesday May 2, 2012

Makaylie's first catching battle wound...


Day 214 Tuesday May 1, 2012

Well tonight was a rough night for the girls on the ballfield. Between getting hurt & not playing to their potential, they both had sad faces. But as you know that's just part of the game.

Day 213 Monday, April 30, 2012I

I've felt like such crap today I didn't even have the energy to take a picture. I guess the half marathon kicked my butt instead of me kicking its! Yuck, I hate feeling this way, hoping to feel better soon!


Day 212 Sunday April 29, 2012

The day I've been working so hard for is finally here! Time to get my half marathon on! Even though our time wasn't what we thought it should be we never quit, we ran the entire thing. The soreness afterwards was all worth it. It feels good to say I finished 13.1 miles! And see we are all smiles because it's done!

Day 211 Saturday April 28, 2012

And the winning continues!!
Great job Riot! Champions of the Homers for Healing tournament in Mustang!

Day 210 Friday April 27, 2012

Regional champs baby!!!

Day 209 Thursday April 26, 2012

Day 1 of Regionals goes to us! One more win to go to State! Go Panthers!

Day 208 Wednesday April 25, 2012

Oh how I love this time of year...nothing like getting out the old slip n slide!