Day 267 Saturday June 23, 2012

Busy Saturday! We started off the day at Tabitha's baby shower. We love buying baby girl clothes & she definitely got cute stuff & the necessities. Tabitha used to be our neighbor & also cuts our hair. We have become close to her family since we have lived here & can't wait to meet Payton when she arrives.
Next, we headed to OKC for Taygan to play with her softball team in their first official kid pitch tournament. They lost but played well. I'm really proud of how quickly they are picking up on the changes from machine pitch to kid pitch.
And to end the evening, we got to spend it out with friends. Us girls, we went out with our boots on!

Day 266 Friday June 22, 2012

The girls & I are having a movie night tonight. We have free movie passes & they are about to expire so we chose to see Brave. It was a great movie, we laughed a lot. It was in 3D which was very cool, hence the glasses :)

Day 265 Thursday June 21, 2012

What a fun night we had watching the Thunder game (even though they lost) with some of our favorite people.

Day 264 Wednesday June 20, 2012

Today Taygan spent the day with her friends Cierra & Mackenzie. They played all day in the pool! Perfect summer day!

Day 263 Tuesday June 19, 2012

Love getting to watch my girls play together. One on 3rd, the other catching

Day 262 Monday June 18, 2012

She's watching & learning...


Day 261 Sunday June 17, 2012

It's OKC Thunder time with some of our favorite people!

Day 260 Saturday June 16, 2012

Who doesn't love some Buffalo Wild Wings?!?! Since it's dad's day weekend this is where one of my favorite dads wanted to eat!
Next stop the ball park of course. Kylie, our sitter, was playing in a tournament in Mustang so we watched her play a couple games today.

Day 259 Friday June 15, 2012

She's her daddy's best helper...

Day 258 Thursday June 14, 2012

We love our Titan!

Day 257 Wednesday June 13, 2012

What a fun night of practice & a little friend & family time with our Riots.
Big shout out to all our parents who make these get togethers worth having!

Day 256 Tuesday June 12, 2012

Tonight was a great night for the Graham girls! Makaylie hit a homerun & Taygan played first really well for never really playing it before!


Day 255 Monday June 11, 2012

First night of pitching lessons with a new coach...Tay loved it & her!

Day 254 Sunday June 10, 2012

Perfect day for some front porch sitting...

Day 253 Saturday June 9, 2012

We have lived here 4 years now & are just now going to the drive in movie. Yes sad I know but I'm glad we finally did it. The girls had fun playing put put before, another thing they've never done before. Unfortunately the late start to the movie was a little too late for them & they had more fun playing in the back of the truck than watching the movie. Even though it was animated Chey & I really liked & decided next time we're coming without the kids!

Day 252 Friday June 8, 2012

So happy our fence is complete. We love it, thank you Renfro Fence Co.


Day 251 Thursday June 7, 2012

Jr. high baseball night

Day 250 Wednesday June 6, 2012

Yes I maybe the last person on earth to read this but I'm working hard on it!


Day 249 Tuesday June 5, 2012

Still not used to this new oven...


Day 248 Monday June 4, 2012

Finals of the Softball College World Series! We had an awesome time cheering for OU & watching the win! It was also strike out cancer night so all survivors present did a little walk on the field. Of course they received a standing ovation, just as they should have!

Day 247 Sunday June 3, 2012

Well we were supposed to start bright and early playing ball, but the rain has delayed us. Next best thing, hanging out with the McMahon's & slurping on pickle sickles!
We would have liked a couple more wins this evening, but it just wasn't in the cards for our little team. Still proud of them & the effort they always bring!

Day 246 Saturday June 2, 2012

Another Riot softball Saturday! Girls played great today 3-0!!

Day 245 Friday June 1, 2012

Here at work we decided to start June off with a bang...literally!! LOL

Day 244 Thursday May 31, 2012

Well I missed her home run hit of the night, but it was another great hit!

Day 243 Wednesday May 30, 2012

Sleepy sleepy girl after a few fun days at Falls Creek.