Day 121 Sunday January 29, 2012

We don't know a thing about soccer but give us a game of any kind & we're there! My brother has started playing in a league with some of his coworkers so thought we'd check them out today. It was actually pretty fun & we had some good laughs at Matt's expense! Sorry brother :) we love ya!

Day 120 Saturday January 27, 2012

We have had such a great day! Chey has had the OBCA winter baseball clinic all day while I was completely lazy this morning then enjoyed myself doing some shopping. The girls have had basketball games but my awesome parents took them so Chey & I could have some time to ourselves.
Our evening activities included hanging out with some of our best friends, Emily & Rennie. Always good times & lots of laughs!
My brother & his girlfriend Melissa took the girls to Celebration Station for the evening. They are all smiles!
Thanks Matt & Melissa, hope you guys enjoyed the girls as much as they enjoyed hanging out with y'all!
Love my family so much! Even though we weren't all together at one time I'm so glad we all got to spend some time together this weekend!

Day 119 Friday January 27, 2012

We originally set out for groceries at Walmart & found summer clearance stuff! Score!!

Day 118 Thursday January 26, 2012

It's 55 degrees outside, yep it's warm enough to grill some steaks :)


Day 117 Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another thumbs up for Pinterest! Yummmmy!!


Day 116 Tuesday January 24, 2012

Rain is a good thing...
Yes I know the picture quality isn't great, but you get it, it's raining woohoo!!

Day 115 Monday January 22, 2012

Today the girls were out of school so Taygan got to take a little trip to Build A Bear with her friend Abbey. Abbey's birthday is in December but her very smart mom decided not to try the mall out that time of year so they celebrated today. Tay had so much fun & loves her new chipmunk Brittany (from Alvin & Chipmunks movie)!! What a pair they are!!


Day 114 Sunday January 22, 2012

Hahaha fat face time!!
Modern technology is the best!

Day 113 Saturday January 21, 2012

It's been a great day full of basketball. Makaylie & Taygan both played & did well. Makaylie going up for the lay up!!
Taygan scoring!!
Makayalie & Mallorie looking cute with their school spirit! You can't tell from the picture but we sprayed their hair green!
A few of our awesome kids doing the Cupid Shuffle at half time. We spent the evening watching our high school play at USAO. The girls came away with their 7th championship win & the boys got runner up after a game that came down to the last seconds. Love all our Am-Po teams!!

Day 112 Friday January 20, 2012

It's Grady County basketball tournament week. Tonight our boys played Verden & won to put them in the championship.
Congrats to both the girls & boys see ya tomorrow night in the finals! The best fans ever cheering on the boys!!
Chase Loggins going up for the shot.


Day 111 Thursday January 19, 2012

I wish every run felt as good as this one did. Unfortunately, I made the mistake of not wearing gloves & about froze my hands off.
This is the farthest I've ran since May last year. I really feel like I can do this half marathon thing!! Bring it on!

Day 110 Wednesday January 18, 2012

Breakfast for dinner...I think so!

Day 109 Tuesday January 17, 2012

This is what we do on a quiet night at home...
enjoy some oreos & milk
and a game of Candyland.

Day 108 Monday, January 16, 2012

Taygan's book of choice, Junie B. Jones This is what she loves to go every night before she goes to bed.


Day 107 Sunday January 15, 2012

Our house has been full of girls this weekend. Both girls had friends over to spend the night last night. They all had a good time without too much girl drama ;) I missed a picture with all of them but here's 3 of 4, playing a little game of UNO!

Day 106 Saturday January 14, 2012

Another great day of basketball!!
So proud of both teams & especially my Graham girls!!
Taygan getting ready to pass the ball...

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Makaylie attempting a free throw

Day 105 Friday January 13, 2012

Just a family fun night at the Jones'...had so much fun!
And a "friendly" game of Phase 10!


Day 104 Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tonight I was trying to explain to Makaylie that everything you hear may or may not be the truth. A friend of mine was telling me a story about someone (whom we don't know) and of course Makaylie heard every word. Needless to say they conversation didn't include a very pretty picture. We happen to see this person tonight & Makaylie said something negative about them. I told her that even though I'm sure my friend was telling the truth, we don't know that for a fact & we shouldn't judge this person we don't even know.
Taygan in her infinite wisdom spouts off this quote:

"Do not go through life like a leaf blown from here to there believing whatever you are told." -Socrates

Perfectly said, from the mouth of an 8 year old. They learn this quote in school with Great Expectations. So thankful for our hard working teachers out there who continually make a difference in our children's lives. Your positive impact on them is appreciated more than you know.

I thought this little lesson was more important than a picture for today. :)

Day 103 Wednesday January 11, 2012

Mmmmm I love when we have birthday lunch at work!! We always have the yummiest stuff!
Thanks for having birthdays Karen & Sarah! Sorry I missed getting y'alls picture with the goodies.


Day 102 Tuesday January 10, 2012

Makaylie & her friends at the high school basketball game. I think she's actually watching the game, surprising since her eyes are usually glued to her iPod!


Day 101 Monday January 9, 2012

I know it's not speedy Gonzales or anything but it's a good run for me! And I burned 468 calories woot woot!


Day 100 Sunday January 8, 2012

Technically we started on this last night, but in the wee hours of this morning this is how we finished :)
Thanks to the Nickell's, we had so much fun last night & today!
Love you guys!

Day 99 Saturday January 7, 2012

Wow what a great basketball day for the Graham girls!! All wins for us!! I couldn't be prouder of the way both of them played. It's amazing how much improvement we can see in them both. Makaylie probably amazes me the most because she's always been laid back, not aggressive, I'm scared to touch the ball attitude. To see her stealing the ball, blocking shots, going up for lay ups with a girl all over her, is too much fun to watch. What I see the most & what I'm happiest about is seeing a girl with confidence & pride herself. There's really nothing in this world better than that.

Day 98 Friday January 6, 2012

Taygan & the boys in a Mario Brothers battle

Day 97 Thursday January 5, 2012

Ok I never promised these would all be cute pictures of us. :) This is me trying to give my smile a little brightening. It did help a tiny bit, but I was hoping for better results. I'll probably try again, but it's highly uncomfortable so I've got to psych myself up for it.
Yes you may all laugh now at this unattractive pic :)

Day 96 Wednesday January 4, 2012

Taygan's Playdoh creations for her momma. How sweet :)


Day 95 Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One of the girls favorite Christmas gifts is the Just Dance 3 Wii game. I, myself, never thought it would be so fun. I absolutely love to dance so I shouldn't be surprised. It's quite a workout as well, which is always a good thing. I had Chey video us doing a dance & unfortunately I can't get it to upload. I'm kind of glad though because after watching it I realized how completely silly & serious I look. If I can ever get it uploaded I'll post it, but for now you'll have to come visit us
Graham girls to see the hilariousness!!


Day 94 Monday, January 2, 2012

Taygan loves her National Geographic magazine she gets quarterly throughout the year. Thanks Granmom!!! One of her favorite things to do in it is the "mad lib" section. The story is always hilarious, as you can imagine with these kind of things. I used to love doing these when I was a kid too, heck I still love doing them.

Day 93 Sunday, January 1, 2012


What a way to start the year...with a little basketball practice!

Day 92 Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's New Years Eve, good bye 2011, hello 2012!

We spent a fun quiet evening with some of our very good friends.

Day 91 Friday, December 30, 2011

Night number 2 without kids...
Mini shopping spree :))