Day 104 Thursday, January 12, 2012

Tonight I was trying to explain to Makaylie that everything you hear may or may not be the truth. A friend of mine was telling me a story about someone (whom we don't know) and of course Makaylie heard every word. Needless to say they conversation didn't include a very pretty picture. We happen to see this person tonight & Makaylie said something negative about them. I told her that even though I'm sure my friend was telling the truth, we don't know that for a fact & we shouldn't judge this person we don't even know.
Taygan in her infinite wisdom spouts off this quote:

"Do not go through life like a leaf blown from here to there believing whatever you are told." -Socrates

Perfectly said, from the mouth of an 8 year old. They learn this quote in school with Great Expectations. So thankful for our hard working teachers out there who continually make a difference in our children's lives. Your positive impact on them is appreciated more than you know.

I thought this little lesson was more important than a picture for today. :)

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