Day #59

There they go! This is my parent's vehicle driving off with my girls until next Saturday. Yes I said next Saturday, that is a total of 9 days! I'm pretty sure thats the longest they have been from home before. On one hand I'm thankful for the freedom but on the other I'm sad too. I know we'll miss each other but I also know they will have a blast hanging with the grandparents.
They will helping my mom with a garage sale this weekend, then my dad will be keeping them next week while mom works, then they'll be going to Dallas next weekend for one of my cousin's wedding receptions.
I think its very cool that my parents want to spend that time with my kids. I never had grandparents like that & was sometimes jealous of my friends who talked about how fun theirs were to spend time with. I hope my girls realize how blessed they are. I also hope as they grow older they will remember these times & look back & smile.
Thanks mom & dad for being the kind of granparents every kid deserves! Love yall!


Day #58

With school starting soon it is time for some new school clothes shopping! Makaylie, Taygan & momo did a little shopping today at Stage. The girls got to pick out 2 new outfits, which are incredibly cute of course!! They did a little modeling for us tonight while trying to decide which outfit is the ONE for the first day of school! Makaylie chose the green outfit & I don't think Taygan has decided yet, knowing her she will change her mind several times before now & then.

Day #57

These are some of my favorite people in the world!!! And yes I do work with them lol!
When you think about the amount of time you spend at work, especially if you work full time, you realize how important the people are that you spend your days with. I truly have gained some of my closest friends through my various places of work. When you don't have a good rapport with your coworkers it sure makes your days longer & harder. I feel very blessed to have a great relationship with everyone I work with & consider them more than just coworkers, I consider them great friends. Thanks to all of you for being such amazing people to know!!

Day #56

Aren't our sunflowers purty??


Day #55

Chey's mom (or momo as we call her) came to stay with us a few days today. Chey is going to Tulsa for a few days to the coaches clinic & we needed someone to stay with the girls while he is away. Makaylie & Taygan love their momo and the feeling is mutual. After having 3 boys & a grandson, momo was ready to have some girls to play with.

Day #54

We had our first Am-Po coed softball tourney to raise money for our baseball program. It was a blazing hot day, but we all survived & made a pretty good chunk of money for our program. We had 8 teams enter & also had a home run derby, which Chey won lol!! With the help of a couple of the baseball moms, me & the girls ran the concession stand. Without the support & helpfulness of this wonderful community, our program would not be as great as it is. We have been at schools before where there isn't and its so much more work & headache for us. We are hoping to make this an annual event since it went so well.

Day #53

At lunch today I did some shopping!!! My parents gave me $$$$ for my birthday & it was almost burning a hole in my pocket since I hadn't got to use it yet! There is the awesome little gift shop in Chickasha called TT's floral & gifts. They have everything from home decor to jewerly to baby clothes. It was the first time I had been in there & I could have very well bought one of everything!! Instead I used part of my gift & bought this cute purse & hat! Thank you mom & dad! You guys are the BEST!!!

Day #52

Makaylie made this for me about a year & a half ago when she was at work with me. She insisted that I put it up somewhere, so it hangs in my mammography room. I can't tell you how many times I have had patients comment on it & say how sweet it is. I agree it is pretty sweet & some days it definetly keeps me going.


Day #51

If you have never tried jalapeno jelly you really should! Get ya a block of cream cheese & crackers & you will have a delicious snack! My friend & coworker, Stephanie, gave this jar to me. Her mom in law, Beverly, made it.

While I'm at it, let me just tell you a little bit about this sweet family! Beverly is married to Roger & they have 3 sons. Their youngest plays baseball for Cheyenne & will be a senior this year. It has been a pleasure for us to get to know them. They have gone above & beyond helping with all the many responsibilites of having a nice baseball program. They have volunteered their time by cooking for the concession stand to working on the field and everything in between. Their oldest son is married to Stephanie, who just recently started working at the same place I do. She has fit right in here & hopefully she will stay awhile! So here's to the Sloan family, thank you for genuine kindness in everything you do!!

Day #50

Its a girls night for us. Me & the girls are just chilling on the couch listening to music on youtube. Awww the perks of modern technology lol!


Day #49

We were so excited today to find one of our sunflowers blooming!! So far its the only one but hopefully the others will follow soon!

Day #48

Happy Birthday to me!! My good friend, Angie, brought me cupcakes this afternoon! It was a complete surprise & so incredibly sweet!


Day #47

We had so much fun today at the ballpark in Norman watching our favorite coed team play some softball! Good job Whoosh for taking Districts...on to state we go! Even though it was blazing hot, as always loved hanging out with everyone!!


Day #46

Makaylie has been wanting a hamster since her birthday back in February. Part of her bday gift from my parents was money for it & yet I've been putting her off on getting one ever since. Its not that I don't like animals, but with our busy schedules we are not home alot & then I feel like they get neglected.
As you can tell I've finally given in. Instead of a hamster, though, we chose a guinea pig for several reasons and so far I think its going to be a good choice. The one she picked is a girl & she is 3 1/2 weeks old. Her name is Lola, cute huh??
Now the only problem we have is that her & Taygan fight over her, but Taygan has decided to start saving money for her own!

Day #45

Today I let Taygan take the picture of the day. So what better picture idea than taking a picture of some of her babies (as she calls them) haha!


Day #44

Well its our last day and believe it or not the girls are about waterparked out. They have a had a wonderful time, but I think we are all about ready to go home. I would recommended this place to anyone. There is definetly more to it than just a waterpark. We have absolutely no complaints & the girls were already asking on the way home when we could go back.

Day #43

Still having a great time at Great Wolf Lodge!! Today Taygan and Makaylie decided to go to the cub club & make a craft. They chose a treasure box to decorate. Both turned out really cute! Then after a little waterpark time, we decided to play the Magiquest game they have at the lodge. It is an interactive game where you have to find hidden treasures with your magic wand. You have many quests to go on & by the end you become a master magi. Taygan ended up liking this more than Makaylie, so about half way through me & Makaylie bowed out & went to play in the water!

Day #42

We are having a complete blast here!! This waterpark is awesome! As soon as we woke up this morning until it was time for supper we have been in the water. Yes we did take a break for lunch, but not for long! For supper we decided to go out & see what we could find. We found a really cool place called Backfire Bar & Grill, which is an Orange County Chopper restaurant. They had all kinds of motorcycles & old cars on display, not to mention the food was yuuuumy!!! By the time we got back to the room, we were all ready for a little shut eye after a very fun day!

Day #41

Today we left for Kansas City to spend a few days at Great Wolf Lodge! It took us about 6 hours to get there & luckily the girls slept for about half the way. What an amazing place, night #1 is a hit with all the Grahams!

Day #40

Well its finally here, the big wedding day! Chey looked so handsome in his suit & my girls looked so beautiful in their dresses! The wedding was wonderful & everything went well! Congrats to Kevin & Sammie, may you have a very long & happy life together!

Day #39

Me & 2 of my great friend, Dorothy & Christal at Kevin & Sammie's rehearsal dinner. What a fun night!


Day #38

LOVE me some new shoes...'nuff said ;)


Day #37

In the last week we have seen mostly cloudy rainy weather. When I was driving home this afternoon, this cloud was in the southern sky & it looked super cool. I've always loved clouds & the many formations they can make.

And yes I was driving while taking this picture, don't worry no one was hurt in the process (:


Day #36

I thought Taygan looked so cute playing on her Hannah Montana dance mat. It comes with a DVD that shows dance routines & you follow the girls dance moves. Then of course her little dress wasn't good enough so she changed into a more Hannah looking outfit, gotta love it!

Day #35

My project today was to tackle & defeat the girl's playroom. It was seriously in baaaad condition. You must be wondering, it is their playroom, so make them clean it right? Well I could but their definition of clean & mine are two very different things. Normally I'm not that organized of a person, but every now & then I get a wild hair! I threw alot of stuff away & filled a huge bag with give away stuff. I also saved a few toys & stuffed animals that were some of the girls favorites as they have been growing up. I love the fact that my mom saved some of my stuff & gave it to the girls so I want to do the same for my future grandchildren. I almost wish I would have taken a before picture so you could see what I accomplished, but it was really quite embarassing. Lets just say we could have been on that show about people hoarding their stuff lol!!


Day #34

Happy 4th of July to everyone!!
Well even though the rain cut our fun short, we had a great time at the ballpark in Norman today. Chey played with his mens team, Rentking aka A-Maysing Lawns. We set up this moon bounce for the kids, which was a big hit! It was perfect weather for everyone to be out in, til about 5:00 when the monsoon hit. Ok I know it wasn't a real one, it sure felt like it for a lil bit. The guys did get 2 games in & won both. Good job guys!
After we got home & dried off, we enjoyed a quiet night sitting on the front porch watching our own fireworks & the others here in town. I couldn't think of a better way to spend the evening.
I'd like to say how proud & grateful I am to have the opportunity to celebrate the 4th of July. Sometimes I think we forget what this holiday truly means. Its our countries Independence Day, how blessed we are to have this great priviledge! I am so thankful for all the men & women, past & present who have risked & sometimes lost their lives so that we may enjoy this freedom! May we all always take a moment in our celebrating to remember how very fortunate we are to live in this great country!!

Day #33

Now this is what you call GOOD food!! We spent this evening at our friends house, Jay & Amanda Adams. Between the two of them, they cooked fish, froglegs, hushpuppies, fries, shrimp, crawfish, etc. I'm pretty sure I grazed that table the entire night, oh well isn't that what holidays are for??

Amanda & Jay coached Taygans' tball team this year and are planning to coach her this fall when she starts machine pitch. We had a great time eating, watching the kids attack everyone with water balloons, playing horseshoes, ladderball, & popping fireworks. What a great night we all had! Thanks Jay & Amanda, appreciate you having us over!


Day #32

So you maybe wondering why are they making cotton candy?? Its got to be because they love it so much, well not exactly lol! This is Kelly & Troy 2 guys Chey plays mens softball with. Kelly is the team sponsor & has his own real estate business, among other business ventures. The cotton candy making is for a fundraiser the guys are doing to raise money to go to the mens world tourney in Orlando. Norman has a big softball tourney every 4th of July weekend, so that is where they will be selling it, along with having a dunk tank & moon bounce. Looks like it might be a rainy weekend, but hopefully they will still do well. We always have a good time with the team & their families. Its like having a big extended family. Love everybody on the team & their families! GO Rentking softball!


Day #31

I'm still finding it hard to believe my Makaylie is old enough to have braces. Of course they are kinda hard to see since they are just on bottom. She's handling them pretty well so far, although at dinner tonight she asked her daddy to take them off lol! Its funny we joke all the time that she should be the baby of the family instead of the first born. I wouldn't necessarily call her a baby, she's just not as tough as her little sister haha! She's only supposed to have them for 6-9 months, don't know if eventually she will have to have top ones as well. I'm so glad they have improved their way of treating crooked teeth these days. I had mine for 5 years YUCK!!! Don't get me wrong I'm grateful that my teeth are nice & straight, but it was a long 5 years.
She also got her haircut today, which looks incredibly cute on her! Yes I know I'm a bit biased!