Day #31

I'm still finding it hard to believe my Makaylie is old enough to have braces. Of course they are kinda hard to see since they are just on bottom. She's handling them pretty well so far, although at dinner tonight she asked her daddy to take them off lol! Its funny we joke all the time that she should be the baby of the family instead of the first born. I wouldn't necessarily call her a baby, she's just not as tough as her little sister haha! She's only supposed to have them for 6-9 months, don't know if eventually she will have to have top ones as well. I'm so glad they have improved their way of treating crooked teeth these days. I had mine for 5 years YUCK!!! Don't get me wrong I'm grateful that my teeth are nice & straight, but it was a long 5 years.
She also got her haircut today, which looks incredibly cute on her! Yes I know I'm a bit biased!

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