Day #35

My project today was to tackle & defeat the girl's playroom. It was seriously in baaaad condition. You must be wondering, it is their playroom, so make them clean it right? Well I could but their definition of clean & mine are two very different things. Normally I'm not that organized of a person, but every now & then I get a wild hair! I threw alot of stuff away & filled a huge bag with give away stuff. I also saved a few toys & stuffed animals that were some of the girls favorites as they have been growing up. I love the fact that my mom saved some of my stuff & gave it to the girls so I want to do the same for my future grandchildren. I almost wish I would have taken a before picture so you could see what I accomplished, but it was really quite embarassing. Lets just say we could have been on that show about people hoarding their stuff lol!!

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