Day 207 Tuesday April 24, 2012

So proud of my catcher girls!
They both did great tonight since it was both their first times to play the position.


Day 206 Monday April 23, 2012

My two girls on the field together!
Graham girls rock!!

Day 205 Sunday April 22, 2012

Well we sure would have liked that first place trophy but we came away with third. The girls played a tough well fought game against an equally good team. Unfortunately they came out on top.
So proud of these girls!
Good job Riot!!

Day 204 Saturday April 21, 2012

Great job today Riot! We went 2 for 3 & are ready to win tomorrow!! This is the first tourney we've played at The Ballfields at Firelake. Nice new fields I must say!
Even the sisters were all smiles! Love these red heads!!

Day 203 Friday April 20, 2012

New cleats!
Just in time for softball this weekend.


Day 202 Thursday April 19, 2012

Tonight was a good night for the Grahams at the ball field.
Our Panthers took District & our Riots won 2! Makaylie is learning to scorekeep. It's a nice skill to have as much time as we spend at ball games.

Day 201 Wednesday April 18, 2012

New chairs for the game room!
I think the girls like 'em!


Day 200 Tuesday April 17, 2012

It's official, all papers are signed, and keys are ours!!
I know all our OSU friends are loving that key, of course Taygan had to have it!

Day 199 Monday April 16, 2012

It's been over a week since I've ran...and boy I can feel it!


Day 198 Sunday April 15, 2012

We still have some work to do but we are in!
Love our new home!

Day 197 Saturday April 14, 2012

Moving day!!
Couldn't have been done without the best family & friends we could ask for!

Day 196 Friday April 13, 2012

Paint project number 2 day 1
Our bedroom


Day 195 Thursday April 12, 2012

Paint project day 2
2nd coat down, I likey!!

Day 194 Wednesday April 11, 2012

Makaylie hasn't played softball in 3 years but recently decided she wanted to. Luckily she can play on a team with some younger girls until she's up to speed with girls her age. Much to my surprise she wants to catch. So far so good...

We also started painting in our new house today! So thankful my brother came to help!

Day 193 Tuesday April 10, 2012

Today was a day just spent with my oldest daughter. She had to get an echocardiogram because her doctor heard a heart murmur. Of course we had to go to OKC for it, so afterwards we had no choice but to shop & eat :)
We had such a fun day & the echo we found out was normal!


Day 192 Monday April 9, 2012

Well I thought it was time for a change, a big one...

Day 191 Sunday April 8, 2012

HAPPY EASTER! May we all remember the real meaning. What a miracle this day is!
We spent the day with my mom & dad & even though it rained mostly we still had a great time. The girls were so disappointed we couldn't go fishing. They about drove us crazy wanting to go but hopefully next time!

Day 190 Saturday April 7, 2012

It's been a fun family Easter celebration today. Wish everyone could have been with us, but it was great to spend some time with those who did.
The Graham girls made quite a haul of candy & prize eggs with goodies & money. Egg hunts are serious business in this family!

Day 189 Friday April 6, 2012

Last minute Easter dress shopping...


Day 188 Thursday April 5, 2012

The girls, Kylie, & Hunter in a friendly game of kickball!

Day 187 Wednesday April 4, 2012

Well I wanted to do more but I had no idea where I was going. We were in Mustang for Taygan's batting practice. I figure it's better than nothing.


Day 186 Tuesday April 3, 2012

This book loving momma loves to see this...

Day 185 Monday April 2,2012

Tonight we went driving around checking out some storage building places. We've been looking for one since we knew we'd be buying a new house. We need a place for the lawnmower & stuff like that.
The girls found this way cute lil house with a loft in it. They wanted it, but I tried to tell them it won't be long they'll be too big for it! I say this with a bit of a sad face, my girls are growing up.


Day 184 Sunday April 1, 2012

The girls enjoyed another swim birthday for one of their friends today. Of course we had to stop and get new bathing suits & goggles before we got there. It's so cool to see what styles of things they like & it really shows how different they are.


Day 183 Saturday March 31, 2012

Well we started the day off with a yard sale & did way better than I thought we would. Plus, it was perfect weather for it.
And this is how we finished the day, with a nice win to finish the Am-Po tournament. Another awesome job Panthers!!

Day 182 Friday March 30, 2012

Makaylie is so excited (even though you can't tell by the look on her face) today for her program at school. They are doing a 50's number from Grease. One of my favorite movies ever! I'm bummed I missed it but I know they did a great job.

I was pretty pumped about her outfit I found courtesy of Goodwill!

Day 181 Thursday March 29, 2012

The weather has been so nice the last few days. What's better than playing a little catch??

Day 180 Wednesday March 28, 2012

Getting ready for the move...