Day 23, Sunday October 23, 2011

Our last day in Vegas :(
Today has been filled with shopping & sightseeing. Me & Chey did some walking around & buying souveniers this morning. Then we met up with some of the team & went to tour the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. It was an awesome time. We took a tour around the entire place, looking around in one of the suites, driving around the different race tracks, & finally do a little spin around the big race track. It was funny but we were in a van doing around 100 miles an hour. This was definetly one of the highlights of our trip.
We finished up the day with me & Chey walking around some more, because there is a ton to see in Vegas. We had such a great time, can't wait to do it again!

Day 22, Saturday, October 22, 2011

Day 2 in Vegas!!
Chey's team is playing today in their softball tournament. There are some awesome teams here. They placed 4th after playing most of the day today. I know they would have liked to do better but just getting here is something to be happy about. The ballpark is called Big League Dreams & is basically mini replicas of a few of the major league ball fields, very cool!

Day 21, Friday, October 21, 2011

Vegas baby!!
We arrived here last night about 10:30 or so & had plans to go straight to bed, but instead decided to go out with friends. We had a great time & stayed out way too late!
We are here for Chey's softball team to play in the USSSA World Coed Softball tournament. After a little bp today, we went to a few places to hang out for the night. Our first stop was the Stratosphere. We went to the very top where they have several rides that aren't for the faint of heart. I was scared out of my mind, but had so much fun with our friends riding the rides.

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After we left the Stratosphere we headed down to Fremont St. We all ended up zip lining, which was something I've been wanting to do forever. It was a lot of fun, especially with the group we went with. We had laughs & great memories we will never forget.


Day #20 Thursday, October 20, 2011

Haircut day! Both girls got haircuts today & Makaylie loved hers so much she wanted me to take a picture of it. Thank you Tabitha Jones, you always do a great job!

Day #19 Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Ok this is not a picture from today, but I still wanted to post it.
These are some of the greatest ladies I know. I have been lucky enough to get to know them in the last year because our daughters play ball together.
We took this at our last tournament at Del City. We were supposed to be in a Pink Out tournament for breast cancer, but that fell through. We decided to still sport our awesome Riot Goes Pink shirts regardless.

Day #18 Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's shoe shopping day! With the weather getting cooler, flip flops just weren't cutting it anymore. Of course Makaylie got 2 pair because poor baby sister gets all the hand me downs, but don't worry she is just as spoiled.


Day #17 Monday, October 17, 2011

So proud of our 5th grade girls tonight! They won their first basketball game against Pioneer. I'm especially proud of Makaylie, she scored 4 points!! Ok for a
5th grader this is quite an accomplishment!!

I know this is blurry, but this is her fast break, lay up that she scored on! Sorry can't help but brag a little!

Day #16 Sunday, October 16, 2011

Baby girl playing some outfield!
Our Riot girls played a great tournament, even though we didn't get as far as we would have liked. Its amazing how much these girls have grown & improved. Only good things to come...


Day #15 Saturday, October 15, 2011

Started out the day with a litle 5k this morning with my good friend Lindsay. This race was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. It was a beautiful morning & a great route to run. I hadn't run in about 2 weeks so I was worried how I would do. Luckily Lindsay kept me going & we finished in 35 minutes, which I was very happy with!

Riot moms + Madison! Love these ladies!!

Day #14 Friday, October 14, 2011

Congrats to our 6th grade girls for winning the Am-Po basketball tournament this year. What an awesome last game too! These girls are so much fun to watch, can't wait to see them in the years to come!

Day #13 Thursday, October 13, 2011

Look at those wheels on that girl!! Well maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, its too bad she has her momma's speed, which is almost slow motion.
But hey at least she scored on this play!

Day #12 Wednesday, October 12, 2011

This is not my pick for picture of the day, but I let Makaylie take it & she thought it was worthy. haha Anyway, I was in the process of getting us a rental car when we go to Vegas next week! Yaaaay us!!

Day #11 Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Another night of softball! This is our last week of fall league, but we play tonight & Thursday night to make up for a couple of rain out games.
Great job once again tonight Yukon Riot! 2 for 2!!

Day #10 Monday, October 10, 2011

Tonight is the first night of our 5-6th grade Am-Po basketball tournament. This is Makaylie's first year of school ball & she is a little nervous, but excited too. Especially since she loves her daddy being her coach. Unfortunately, they lost their game tonight, but as you can see it isn't bothering them too much. Makaylie & her friend & teammate, Micha, are all smiles watching the rest of the games this evening.


Day #9 Sunday, October 9, 2011

Isn't it sad this is the only fall decoration I have put out so far?? Sure is pretty though :)

Day #8 Saturday, October 8, 2011

Not sure if you can tell but it's RAINING!!! We had a lazy day at home today, and the girls loved playing in the rain!

Day #7 Friday, October 7, 2011

Well despite our loss today, everybody was all smiles. We made it way farther than anyone expected us to this fall. We had injuries & other setbacks throughout the season & still managed to make it this far. It truly shows the heart of these boys.
Don't ever underestimate the underdog...it may not be the "cakewalk" you expect :)

Chey & his seniors

Day #6 Thursday, October 6, 2011

Woohoo!! What an awesome baseball game! So proud of our boys for playing hard tonight & beating Wister to send themselves to the semi-finals of the state tournament.

I was trying to get the score on the scoreboard behind them but you can't see it, so anyway 5-1 us!!


Day #5 Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Yay we got our state tournament shirts tonight! Tomorrow our baseball team will start the fall 2011 state baseball tournament & we are ready to kick butt! We were kind of the underdog at regionals & no one really expected us to make it, so getting here makes it even sweeter.
Best of luck Am-Po panthers!

Day #4 Tuesday, October 4, 2011

This is what we do on our nights off...play a little catch in the yard


Day #3 Monday October 3, 2011

October is breast cancer awareness month & to celebrate our patients who come in for mammograms we do a little something special. This year without much notice I was told I would not be getting any $$ from my clinic for this. With a little help from some very giving people I pulled it together & made it happen. We are giving away some nice things & every patient who comes in gets a yummmmy cookie from Keepin' It Sweet, a bakery in chickasha. I am very blessed to have an amazing friend who helped me get this all done! Thank you Katy Alexander!

Day #2 Sunday, October 2, 2011

Well today has been one of those softball filled kind of days. Taygan's team finished out their tourney & after 5 games, won the thing!! It was a very long day, but these girls have some big hearts & strong wills! All us parents were so proud of them & they were equally excited!
Good job Yukon Riot!

Day #1 Saturday, October 1, 2011

We're baaaack!! Its been way too long since I have done our blog & I have been very disappointed in myself. I didn't finish my project I started last year to take one (or more) pictures everyday for a year. So, I'm determined to do it this time!
Hope you all enjoy!!

Today has been a busy day for the Grahams. I ran in a 5k in Chickasha today, hence the shirt. The race was to benefit cystic fibrosis. I ran with my friends, Christy & Angie for the first time & I'm so glad I did, they made me work a little harder which I needed!

Taygan's softball team started a tournament in Del City as well. They lost the first one & tied the second one. They all played very well & Taygan was on fire at the plate. Love watching these girls & seeing how far they have come in a year! This is the 2 Tay's on the team, Taygan & Taylor, so sweet!!