Day #59

There they go! This is my parent's vehicle driving off with my girls until next Saturday. Yes I said next Saturday, that is a total of 9 days! I'm pretty sure thats the longest they have been from home before. On one hand I'm thankful for the freedom but on the other I'm sad too. I know we'll miss each other but I also know they will have a blast hanging with the grandparents.
They will helping my mom with a garage sale this weekend, then my dad will be keeping them next week while mom works, then they'll be going to Dallas next weekend for one of my cousin's wedding receptions.
I think its very cool that my parents want to spend that time with my kids. I never had grandparents like that & was sometimes jealous of my friends who talked about how fun theirs were to spend time with. I hope my girls realize how blessed they are. I also hope as they grow older they will remember these times & look back & smile.
Thanks mom & dad for being the kind of granparents every kid deserves! Love yall!


  1. oh la la!! nine days!! haha have fun!!

  2. and I had grandparents like you're kids have!! I still hear/tell stories from my vacations with them. They will remember it always!