Day #12 Last night I had a fun girls night out with some girls I went to middle & high school with. We had a great time talking & laughing & sharing stories from the past yikes!!! lol Two of the girls that came a couple of us hadn't seen since they moved in middle school. It was very cool to see them after all these years. I know most people think that this age of technology where everyone is connected is a little much but without it this reunion would have never happened. Because of facebook we have all gotten to get to know each other again & luckily get to see each other too!
This pic is of me & my best friend, Sara. We have been best friends since 7th grade! I bet most people can't say that. I'm truly blessed to have her in my life. She is one of the most strong, kind, caring, fun girls I know. We have so many incredible memories together we could probably write a book about them. We have shared alot of laughs & alot of tears over all these years & there is no one in this world I'd rather share a friendship with.

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