Day #28

Meet our newest pet, Jumper! I found him when I was sweeping grass off the front porch. I yelled for the girls to come outside to come look at him and of course lil miss Taygan decided we needed to keep him. We are keeping him in the ice chest, no we took the beer out lol!! Its so funny because Makaylie is totally creeped out at it & Taygan is sitting on the couch holding it! When I took the picture of it she put bunny ears on it, what a goofball she is! She is asking me right now if she can let it on the couch to play LOL!!! Wish us luck, the last frog met an unfortunate fate in Taygan's closet!


  1. Good Luck. Love Taygan's nailposh! :D

  2. yep she has a different color on each nail, silly girl!