Day #20 Despite the 2 rain delays, we had such a great time in Omaha watching our team finally get the win!!! It was an awesome game and OU won 4-3! It was a perfect Father's Day gift for my dad & Cheyenne, my two favorite dads in the world! The left fielder for OU is from Durant & my brother coached him when he was a freshman. So in a round about way, we personally knew someone out there playing. After the second rain delay, my mom & dad decided to take the girls back to the hotel & let me, Chey, & my brother wait it out to see if they were going to continue eventually. After a few minutes, we decided to walk along the street outside the stadium do some shopping & have a beer or two. While we were out there, we thought we heard that they were going to continue the game Monday morning, so we were just hanging out & decided to call my dad & have him come back & get us. All of a sudden Chey looks up at the t.v. that was on & saw the game being played. We took off down the street as fast as we could laughing all the way, because we almost missed watching the last few innings. We made it in plenty of time & enjoyed watching them win by one point!!

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