Day #27

Today was spent cleaning house & doing laundry, always fun stuff!! Its not very often that we are all home at the same time for longer than a couple of hours. Its amazing what can get done with 4 people helping. But of course since we were home for the entire day, it was a perfect day for a friend to come over, which is exactly what Makaylie had in mind instead of cleaning. Imagine that!! When we moved here Makaylie was starting the 2nd grade and was pretty sad to leave the friends she had made in Wanette. Since that 1st day of 2nd grade though her & her friend Hannah have been inseperable. I can't say enough good things about Hannah & her family. I am so glad they have become such great friends. And as you can tell by the picture, Taygan thinks Hannah is her best friend too. I guess that's just how little sisters are, luckily Hannah & Makaylie are pretty good about letting her tag along.

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