Day 73, Monday, December 12, 2011

This is the face of asthma.
Taygan has had asthma since she was a year old & boy has it been a journey. No one in my family or Chey's really has it, so we didn't know much about it. Now I think we are experts on it. I so wish we weren't!
She has defintely improved over the years, but every now & then it gets her down. Over the last few months she has done really well. Her last visit to her ashtma/allergy doctor she showed more improvement than she ever has. Unfortunately with the cold weather upon us & all the sickness that's going around, it's inevitable that these things will get her. I took her to her pediatrician today & she has bronchitis, a typically easy thing for asthmatics to get. Hopefully the antibiotic, breathing treatments, & other meds she takes will get her feeling better soon.
Poor baby, she told me this afternoon, momma I take too much medicine :(

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