Day 31, Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween everyone!
This happens to be my favorite holiday! I'm still a big kid at heart & I love to dress up every year. We had kind of put off Halloween this year at work, but at the last minute I thought we ! could dress up like nerds without too much effort or cost. Luckily, my sweet & willing friends thought it was a great idea. As you can see everyone looked awesome in their outfit of choice! I kept getting told I pulled nerd off really well. Guess I'm really just a big nerd kid at heart.

I was a little worried this year that the girls weren't going to dress up for Halloween. To most parents this would be a relief, but not this momma! About a week ago Makaylie told me she didn't want to & I almost had a heart attack lol! They came through though & I have to say looking mighty cute. Wal-Mart wasn't too picked over & they came up with these costumes. They fit them so well!! I sure hope Makaylie's isn't a sign of things to come!! Oh & little miss Taygan's pose, well I laughed for a good 5 minutes! She is such a toot!

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