Day #124 Saturday, October 2, 2010

I did something today that I have never done before! I finished a 10 mile race!! Woohoo for me!! My good friend, Dorothy and I finished in 2 hours & 13 minutes. She was a few seconds in front of me but who's counting right?? lol Another friend, Donona also ran and her time was about 10 minutes after us, also a fantastic accomplishment! Yay for us!! It was extremely tough and I've definitely paid for it afterwards, but I'm so glad I did!! Thanks to my wonderful friends who did it with me, so proud of both of you!!
If you have time & want to see pics they took during the race check out www.yoursportingimage.com It was called 10 mile roadkill race. My bib # was 108. Also look under lost & found pics, then female unidenitifed to see the ones of me & Dorothy!

Softball wives!!

After the race we went to watch the OU/Texas game at Donona & Aaron Bryant's house. OU won so it was a good day!

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